It is hard for many to believe it's already been a decade since Legacy Stories co-founders Tom Cormier and Dennis Stack put their vision on paper.  

The two met in 2007 shortly after Tom lost his business partner in a plane crash and Dennis lost his mother to Alzheimer's. 

A mutual estate planning attorney made the introduction while settling affairs in hopes that something positive could come from it.

With Dennis living in Arizona and Tom in Tennessee, they commiserated with stories of lost loved ones on a long distance phone call.

They were saddened by all the stories and life experiences each of their loved ones took with them to the grave. As the call progressed, they talked about how millions of family elders must be dying with their stories still in them, and what a tragic loss it is for families and society as a whole.

On a larger scale, they concluded that the greatest body of wisdom in history is at risk of being lost forever. And, to allow these priceless life lessons to go extinct would be one humankind's greatest regrets. 

So, to answer the call, they decided to launch the Living Legacy Project, with a mission to provide families with free legacy education, tools and resources so that anyone, regardless of economic status or geographic impediments, could share their legacy stories today, while they are living, and record them in a way that could enrich generations to come.

To fully commit to this challenge, Dennis left a lucrative 20-year career as a wealth manager, and Tom ended a 15-year run of his national radio talk show, to form DenTom, llc. dba Legacy Stories.

"I realized I had been doing a good job helping my clients pass down their valuables but not doing anything to help them pass down their values," Dennis remarked. "And having missed the chance to ask my own parents about their past, I wanted to make a difference, and this mission became my passion."

With the help and support of a talented advisory team, social investors, sponsors and many others, they constructed the world's most comprehensive legacy-building platform.

"In a world divided, rallying around a common cause, to pass down our wisdom to the next generation, can bring us all together in a meaningful way," says Tom. "The Living Legacy Project is making a difference in the lives of families and in society as a whole. We can only hope people will take action before it's too late."