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As a Certified Legacy Advocate (CLA™) for the Living Legacy Project, you'll represent a universally appealing cause that is in high demand for a solution. 

Millions of baby boomers are entering their 'legacy years', and unless someone like you guides them, they are at risk of taking a lifetime of life lessons and experiences to their grave.

The good news is this enormous demographic wants to pass down their life lessons and stories more than anything else, as shown in this Allianz survey. The better news is that you can greatly benefit by helping them start their legacy conversation. 






With our online video training, you'll learn how to use the Living Legacy Project's cause-marketing methods and resources to grow, enrich and retain your client base, and add a new revenue stream.

You'll have a great reason to connect with clients and prospects without pitching a product, while new opportunities present themselves. And, you'll leverage the tools and resources of the Living Legacy Project to open new doors to grow your practice.


In just a few short hours you'll learn:

How to use the Living Legacy Project platform and resources

How to perform a 1-hour 'Legacy Talk' with clients or prospects

How to engage heirs and extended family as potential clients

How to build a 'Legacy Advocate" referral network  

How to introduce the Legacy Stories Handbook to generate more business

After completing the fast-paced video tutorial training, you'll be awarded a 'Certificate of Completion' by the Living Legacy Project, suitable for framing.




You'll also receive 10 Legacy Stories Handbooks to give clients as takeaways after engaging with you in a legacy talk. In your CLA training you'll learn how to introduce this powerful interactive handbook in such a way that it becomes a springboard to more business inside the client's family and beyond!





The LegacyStories.org website provides legacy-building tools and resources of all kinds to people from all over the world.

When site visitors and members need expert help, they search our Legacy Concierge Directory. As a CLA, you'll receive a lifetime listing in the directory, which also comes with promotional resources to help expand your network.

Because the Concierge Directory is a relatively new resource, you'll be listed as a 'Founding CLA', and you'll never pay any renewal fees.

And, you can build your local Certified Legacy Advocate™ team to generate referrals. We'll show you how in your certified training.



Supporting the Living Legacy Project as a legacy advocate is one of the best decisions I have made in the 12 years I have been in business.

Joan C.- CFP from Michigan

The training easily fit into my busy schedule, which made it more enjoyable to learn. Love the 'nudges' too. My first 2 legacy talks were fantastic!

George M.- Estate Planning Attorney from New jersey

The response from my A-list clients has been nothing short of inspiring!

Francis K- Geriatric Care Manager

When we explain how to use the legacy handbook at registration, our families get excited to learn about their loved one's past, and their elder is happy they'll be visiting often.

Bernadette S- Exec Dir. Assisted Living/Memory Care Community




Upon completion of your training, we'll make an announcement of your new CLA™ status to our social media friendson in Linked In, Twitter and Facebook. We'll also proudly display your logo with a link to your website in the 'Featured Supporter" section on our home page for 30 days. This publicity can be a great boost to your business. 





ONLY $495

Your purchase helps support the Living Legacy Project. Thank you!!

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The generosity of our supporters, partners and sponsors helps us promote the Living Legacy Project and sustain our free award-winning legacyStories.org website. With your purchase, you are helping to save the greatest body of wisdom in history from being lost forever. THANK YOU!!