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Baby Boomer Priorities When Passing Down and Inheritance

Baby Boomers want to pass down their wisdom more than wealth but they don't know how. 

Now you can enrich and grow your client base by engaging in 'legacy talks with' our multi-faceted system!


The Legacy Values Plan is comprised of two powerful components

1. Client Enrichment with the Legacy Stories Handbook

2. Client Retention with the self-guided Reminiscence Program

Combined they add immense value to your existing services

Legacy Stories Handbook                 Reminiscence Program




An interactive guide to have a productive legacy conversation


LEGACY QUESTIONS- Select from over 230 legacy questions ranging from ancestors, childhood, teen years, education, marriage, family, business and career, to faith, wisdom, and a special section for veteran experiences. 

INTERVIEW AND RECORDINGS TIPS- Learn how to conduct quality interviews, record oral histories, how to prepare the room environment, and how to engage family members in the process of building their elders' legacies.

MOBILE APP RECORDER- We dedicated a page in the Handbook to explain how our free IOS or Android app takes a picture of the teller, legacy artifact or photo, and records the teller's voice, personality and dialect, while reminiscing.

LEGACY ASSET CHECKLIST- Most of our life-defining moments, milestones and special memories have already been recorded in family photos, and collected in special keepsakes, mementos, recipes, awards, newspaper announcements, etc.

The Legacy Asset Checklist helps to curate these treasures to be included in the storytelling process, and becomes an important part of a will or estate plan.

LEGACY LETTER TEMPLATES- With our templates, the elder can write words of wisdom and intimate messages as part of an ethical will. Templates include To My Children, To My Grandchildren, What I Am Most Grateful For, What You Should Know About Me, and others.


To view the inside pages of the handbook click HERE



CLIENT RETENTION AND LEAD GENERATOR- Our award-winning self-directed Reminiscence Program keeps clients engaged in 'legacy talks' while also serving as a no-cost lead generator that elevates your community profile in a positive light.

WEEKLY INTERACTION- Participants receive one legacy question by email every Sunday morning along with activities to maintain a top of mind priority. 


BRANDED SIGNUP PAGE- To register clients and family members into the program, we'll create a branded webpage with your logo, message and an introductory video and signup form.


Simply play the introductory video to explain the program and enter your client's name and email into the fields on the signup form.


LEAD GENERATOR- Your personalized signup webpage is also a no-cost lead generator and community outreach vehicle. 


Promote your webpage in emails, newsletters, social media, blogs, etc. We provide you with sample copy to invite clients, prospects and/or groups to learn about and register into the program. All registrant names and email addresses are delivered to you for follow up and nurturing leads. 


Watch the 3-minute introductory video! 


Relationship Builder

LegacyStories.org is the official archive for the Living Legacy Project, recognized around the world for providing elders and their families with comprehensive legacy-building tools and resources. Your presence in this living history library can enrich your family and build relationships with clients and prospects. 

When clients, prospects and their family members register for Reminiscence Program via your branded sign up form, they are automatically added to the 'Friends' network in your LegacyStories.org profile. When family and friends visit your clients' profile they will see you as the first friend.



Time Saver Implementation

We know how busy you are. That's why we developed this time-saver implementation program that requires only about one hour a week of your time. Here's how it works:

1. You'll receive a series of 8 short action steps (2 per week)

2. Each step builds upon the previous, increasing your knowledge and confidence as a caring holistic legacy advisor.

3. During the 30-day program you'll:

  • gain legacy-building expertise that greatly enhances your value to clients
  • become familiar with our powerful legacy-building platform and resources
  • conduct a pilot 'legacy talk' program with a few select clients or family members
  • receive client praise and testimonials that can be used for marketing
  • attain the confidence and experience to roll out to your client base
  • promote your new enhacement in social networks and media to attract new clients

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This a brand new service and you can enroll in our case study program for a limited time. By participating you'll receive these incentives:

  • phone access to Co-Founder Tom Cormier for strategic coaching
  • no annual renewal fee for the Legacy Values Plan
  • branding your 50 Legacy Stories Handbooks at no extra charge
  • logo with link placed in our Featured Partner sections throughout our site
  • lIfetime listing in our popular Legacy Concierge Directory.
  • partner announcement throughout our vast social media network
  • audience-interactive 'Legacy Talks' group presentation with handouts

Only $1475

Includes 50 Legacy Stories Handbooks!


CALL 888-405-9840 to Order by Phone



For an additional charge we'll print your personal welcome message with a photo, logo and contact information on the inside cover of the Legacy Stories Handbook.


Personalized handbooks tell clients, prospects and their families that you care more about their heartstings than their purse strings. Moreover, they provide an opportunity to meet with family members in a purposeful way to explain the process and help them start the legacy conversation. 


Make an impression that lasts for generations. Give the gift of legacy for client appreciation, new client welcome, retirement, and for special holidays. 











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