Mince-Higgerson Connection
The Mince-Higgerson connection creates double cousins through the marriages of siblings, Edna Geneva Higgerson to Ralph I. Mince and Eunice Nora Mince to Lon Harold Higgerson, both marriages taking place in DeValls Bluff, Prairie County, Arkansas. My father, Douglas Fairbanks Mason, a step-brother to the Minces, married my mom, Dolly Laverne "Evelyn" (Higgerson) Mason, who was a sibling of L. Harold & Edna Geneva Higgerson. Yes, it gets confusing! The Higgersons moved to Norfolk County, VA, as did Ralph I. Mince, Geneva, Carroll, and Nancy Mince. So the histories of the Higgersons, Masons, and Minces take place in and around DeValls Bluff, Prairie County, Arkansas and Norfolk County (now the City of Chesapeake) and Virginia Beach, Virginia.
Eunice Mince Higgerson, Freda Mince Mulling & Ralph I. Mince, Norfolk County (now Chesapeake), VA.
Carroll I. & Nancy A. Mince, Mince Farm, Centerville Turnpike, Norfolk County (now Chesapeake) VA, early 1940s.
John Robert Mince, Pearl (Garrison) Mince & Granddaughter Cynthia Godair.  Photo taken at Harold and Eunice (Mince) Higgerson's home on Battlefield Boulevard South, Chesapeake, VA.  The picture above the mantel is of Harold and Eunice's first grandchildren, Barry Wayne & Mark Keith Higgerson.  Taken in 1962.  I was 10 years old.
Nancy Ann Mince, 10 Aug 1974, Centerville Baptist Church, Chesapeake, VA.  First-cousin Nancy is dressed formally and was in attendance at my wedding that hot and balmy August day.
Nannie Mince, a sister-in-law to John Robert Mince.  She was married to Henry Fletcher "Pet" Mince and resided in DeValls Bluff, Prairie County, AR.  She's in a nursing home.
Geneva & Carroll on daybed in entrance hall to house at Hickory, Norfolk County, VA.
Geneva & her TV_1960s
Geneva & Ruby in Las Vegas_NV_abt 1987
Geneva catering the wedding of J. C. & Ruby Cash's daughter in Amherst_VA.
Geneva Higgerson Mince holding Ivan Larry Higgerson Jr & Harry C. Higgerson in background (1)
Geneva holding Carrolll at the farm in Hickory, Norfolk County, VA_real young
Geneva at Martin's Peach Orchard at Knotts Island, NC.
Geneva Mince & Sandra Higgerson_9 Aug 1974_541 Long Ave_Chspk_VA
Geneva on phone at North Bay Shore Family Campground in Virginia Beach, VA
Geneva on porch_Nancy_Don Harold_John Robert Mince, the kids' grandfather visiting Hickory, Norfolk, VA from Arkansas.
Geneva on sofa at her sister's, Evelyn (Higgerson) Mason's home at 3269 Colechester Rd, Va. Beach, VA.
Geneva with big hair_1960 in her kitchen in Amherst_VA.

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