Bianca, my little Maltese darling
Photos of my darling little white female Maltese dog, which I obtained on July 7, 2010 when she was four years old. Her birthday is 18 Apr 2006. The family that had her since she was a puppy and trained her beautifully had to sell her due to a prospective move to a location where only two pets were allowed. Bianca was the easiest to sell of the three pets they had. Their loss was my TREMENDOUS gain. The little sweetheart is loved by all who meet her. Unfortunately, she developed heart valve disease, and I had to put her to sleep on 7/31/15, which was tremendously difficult.
Bianca Halloween
Bianca Dec 7 2008 009
6 Bianca 1-16-09
Bianca Xmas 2010
Virginia Beach/Williamsburg, VA

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