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Effective Ways to Overcome Fear and Anxiety

Anxiety and tension are natural human feelings but may be the reason for the inability to study or do normal work. A large number of students sometimes suffer from anxiety and tension, which may cause sleep disturbance, if you are preoccupied with doing important work or have to prepare for an upcoming exam or interview and want to ace them, then you might start feeling apprehensive.  The days of tension and anxiety start approaching when the students’ high school exams are just around the corner, which are the detailed life of the students, where the future is determined by the college and will join him and his life later. During this period, tension and anxiety are not limited to students only, but the family enters the same circle.  It wouldn’t be wrong to say that anxiety and tension are a hallmark of the high school exams for students and their families, and fear is natural and spontaneous. 

Fear and anxiety are negative emotions that negatively affect human life, as they reduce trust in the self, and make the person isolated, unable to complete the tasks and duties entrusted to him correctly, in addition to causing embarrassment to their families, and other problems. So, in this blog post, we are going to share some handy tips that must be taken by the students and their families so that they all overcome tension, anxiety and fear, that too effectively. 

Take a short break 

It is difficult to focus on study and make the right decisions when feeling scared or anxious, so the person must rest or relax a bit, and try to forget the anxiety for at least a quarter of an hour, be it either by going for a short walk. Or you can take a warm bath, or drink a cup of herbs and others, where it will be noticed that the mind has become a net, and that concern has disappeared, and become more able to cope with the situation, however difficult. Think about the worst result when feeling scared or worried about a particular result, such as an exam, emotional relationship, job interview, presentation, etc., you must think about the worst possibility that may occur when you fail, prepare yourself for this outcome, and then confront. 

Expose yourself to fear

Avoidance of fears and escape may increase the severity, it is advised to be exposed to the order that causes fear and anxiety until the disappearance, for example, if someone is afraid of debates, then you should participate more in the debate so that you gain confidence like never before.

Talking about fear 

Sharing the causes of fear and anxiety with others can contribute to reducing their severity. It is noted that if there is no friend or relative to speak to, it is possible to consult a psychiatrist for treatment and treatment. 


Many people resort to sedative or alcoholic beverages to improve mood and psychological well-being, and to get rid of anxiety and fear. However, these behaviours make it worse, so it is advisable to sleep, take sufficient rest on a daily basis. 

Exam fear

If you are a student who feels tense during the exam, then you must leave the pen and place your hands and feet forward for 3 minutes with deep breathing until the state of relaxation returns to you and then resume the exam. After completing the exam, the student will have the opportunity to entertain himself with his parents or friends without thinking about the difficulty of the exam.

Trust in God

Confidence in God, faith in God and full conviction that everything in His hand, and that things will be done for the best things that help to overcome this problem, and the observance of religious duties will make the person more mentally balanced.

Stay confident

Self-confidence is one of the most important factors that will help you overcome the fear of tests or causes of anxiety, and to acquire that trait you must record what you accomplish daily to feel the days of what you do.

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