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Keepsakes Can Reveal Compelling Family History


Throughout the course of our lifetime we accumulate mementos and keepsakes. These special objects represent unique life experiences. The stories behind these keepsakes are often the difference between being tossed by the next generation or becoming an heirloom. The same is true for keepsakes and heirlooms passed down to us by our ancestors.

By simply taking a photo of the object, you can give it life that it would otherwise not have. These stories can be spoken and recorded with the LegacyStories voice recorder found below your uploaded photos or written down down right here your story pages.

Most importantly, enrich your family by sharing your story with them. Use the share feature on top of each story, audio or photo. Set your audience to "Public" so we all can learn and grow.

Take a few minutes to enjoy this powerful video to fully grasp the importance of story and your keepsakes.

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Documenting one's life story is far more a gift to future generations than to ourselves. Your legacy coach is here to guide you through the process. Legacy Matters! Pass it on!


  • Golden V. Adams Jr.
    Golden V. Adams Jr. Saturday, 08 December 2012

    Heirlooms without heirs is one side of the coin. Heirs without heirlooms, the other side of the coin, may be even more sad than the first. If the keepsakes and their stories are not passed down, the legacy that heirs could otherwise have enjoyed does not exist.

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