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My favorite ancestor was my Grandpa Sam

Grandpa Sam was quiet but when he spoke he always had something wise to say.  And he could be really funny too!  He had twelve children my mom being the oldest, so he had some skills in the leadership department.   He had a quiet strength and confidence that I liked.  

As a child I loved to go fishing with him or go swim in his pool.  

He was very routine and consistent and took the train to work every day.  He smoked a pipe every day....until he didn’t.   He ate an orange everyday.  

One time I interviewed him and ended up with forty pages of questions and answers.   
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When it comes to leaving a legacy, most people want to be remembered more for their values than their valuables. Now you have a great platform to write or record your legacy stories.

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  • Dick Pellek
    Dick Pellek Monday, 15 October 2018

    It might be considered funny how a simple interview turns into 40 pages of questions and answers. The truth is that investigations lead to evolution of facts, the building of suppositions and hypotheses, and the refinement of understanding. We will await the next installment of your findings and points of view.

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