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The significance of introduction in an assignment

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An introduction is the first impression created on someone when you see them for the first time. It is the overview that is given about one’s personality briefly so that the other person gets the idea who he is dealing with. Introduction to assignments or essays is pretty much for the same purpose. Unfortunately, when we go through various written pieces by students or by the authors of the companies that claim to provide the best essay writing service UK, the introduction is the part that is most neglected.

The students and writers of various niches need to understand that an introduction is a paragraph that will build your readers interest in your writing piece. These are the words which will decide how to grade the rest of the assignment or if to continue to further read the essay or just leave it there. It is also observed that students find the introduction most difficult to write due to the same reasons. It becomes quite hard to get the reader to complete the essay or persuade the teacher to give you good marks if your introduction fails to create interest in your writing piece. It won’t be wrong if it is said that the introduction is the most crucial part of an assignment.
So what a good and interesting introductory paragraph should offer the reader that will persuade them to read the full piece and will build an instant concentration of the reader?

Prepare the reader about the information given

An introductory paragraph will prepare the reader about the information and statistics that will be discussed in the essay. It should be a precise outline of your topic and the argument you are going to present in the essay. Carefully choose the words as they should be relevant to the topic but not the exact ones which you have chosen to write in the body paragraphs.

Build the interest of the reader

As discussed earlier the main motive of an introductory paragraph is to hook a reader with the written content and build such interest that he is willing to finish reading the essay. You can choose interesting jargons, relative vocabulary and a little bit of humorous approach if you are writing a casual blog or an essay. For a formal academic assignment, ensure that the introductory paragraph has the gist of the information but in a fluent and comparatively a lighter tone. Do not use heavy technical terms in the beginning and try to use as simple words as possible.

The thesis statement

The thesis statement is kind of an opening act for an assignment. It is the sentence that will summarize your whole assignment or the argument you are about to represent on a certain issue. The basic rules of writing recommend that the thesis statement should be developed as soon as you choose an issue to write about and which side of the argument you are going to represent. The introductory paragraph will house your thesis statement. It will be the summary of the assignment so, make sure that it is clear, easily comprehensible and in simple yet effective words. Take your time to develop the thesis statement as it will open up your topic in front of your audience.

Build the introduction in a gradual manner

The introductory paragraph should be well-crafted. Your first sentence should not give away the summary of the arguments you are about to present. It can be an absurd situation that can be later explained as for why you used such example or a real-life situation or a sentence that has a surprise element for the readers. Moreover, as you move forward, build upon the base of your argument opening up the thesis statement and giving out more information about the topic you have chosen and why you have chosen it. 



  • Dick Pellek
    Dick Pellek Tuesday, 05 February 2019

    Writing can be so otherworldly, that the best rules to follow may change with the writing exercise. May I suggest that you look over a few abstracts that are a part of most scientific papers, if thesis or dissertation is on your mind. You may find that few words are wasted and they get right to the point(s). Essays, on the other hand, are so individualistic that it seems one has a freedom to compose to one's heart's desire. These days I write pretty much what I want, because I am not being graded for veracity, or being judged regarding personal opinions. A few of those opinions are about how to go about telling stories that will attract interest, draw the reader deeper into the story, and, in the process, relate a life lesson for which the piece was originally concocted.

    Good luck, Evan. Meza issa rootin' for ya'

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