Grown and Enrich Your Client Base with the
Legacy Marketing System



Weekly 'Story Prompts' for Lead Generation
and Client Engagement


REMINISCE WITH PURPOSE: Our award-winning reminiscence program is designed to educate and motivate people to start writing or recording their legacy stories by 'reminiscing with purpose.'

WEEKLY MEMORY PROMPTS- Participants in this free service receive one legacy question, by email, every Sunday morning to keep the topic of legacy top of mind. 

CO-BRANDED SIGNUP PAGE- To register clients and family members into the program, you'll receive a co-branded webpage with your logo, and an introductory video and signup form.

LEAD GENERATOR- Your personalized signup webpage is a no-cost lead generator and community outreach vehicle. 

Promote your webpage in emails, newsletters, social media, blogs, etc. We provide you with sample copy to invite clients, prospects and/or groups to learn about and register into the program. 

All registrant names and email addresses are delivered to you for follow up and nurturing leads.


Connect With Clients, Family and Friends
Who Are In 'Legacy Mode'.

When participants sign up for the Reminiscence Program through your web form the first thing they do is create their free LegacyStories.org account. When this happens they are automatically added to the "friends" section of your Legacy Stories profile, and you are added to theirs.

This is a great way to stay in touch in the context of legacy while building a following of purpose-driven supporters, leads, clients, friends and family.



Deliver a Powerful Legacy Stories
Group Presentation

The Legacy Marketing System includes everything you need to deliver an unforgettable group presentation.

As your audience shares legacy stories, they'll learn the importance of their life lessons and experiences, and they'll be inspired to share their legacy stories with family members. 

We'll provide you with a Powerpoint slide show, presentation script and handouts.

The presentation can be easily added to your typical seminar, or delivered as a stand alone presentation.

If you want to add value to your services, this gift of legacy is priceless!



In-Demand Topic With Universal Appeal

We actually booked 2 more workshops because the first one filled up so fast we had to turn people away. 

And two people requested that we present one specifically designed for their respective organizations!! 

I think we hit a hot button and we plan to keep doing these as often as there is opportunity!

Janice T. - Owner/Wealth Manager

Free Publicity Bonus!

We'll introduce you to our large group of social media friends in Linked In, Twitter and Facebook.

We'll also proudly display your logo with a link to your website in the 'Featured Supporter" section on our home page for 30 days. 

This publicity alone could be worth the price of the Legacy Marketing System, considering the exposure you'll receive from people who are mostly in 'legacy mode.'


All Inclusive Price
ONLY $675!

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Featured Partners, Sponsors and Clients

The generosity of our supporters, partners and sponsors helps to promote the Living Legacy Project and sustain our free award-winning legacyStories.org website, so that everyone has a chance to leave their mark in history. With your purchase, you become a valued legacy advocate for the Living Legacy Project, and contribute to saving living history of our time. THANK YOU!!