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The greatest body of wisdom in history is going extinct as millions of our elders pass away. The consequences of losing these irreplaceable life lessons cannot be overstated.

To answer the call, the Living Legacy Project was formed in 2008 by Dennis Stack and Tom Cormier, with a goal to provide families with free education and tools to record and pass down legacy stories.

The award-winning LegacyStories.org website and mobile app were developed for this purpose.

Free access to technology is only part of the solution. To increase awareness we rely on people like you to spread the word and get your family and friends involved.

Together, we can give elders a chance for their voices to be heard and give future generations a chance to listen!

Whether assisting an elder, a loved one in care, or preserving your own legacy stories, all you need to do is create your free LegacyStories.org account and then start reminiscing with purpose!

For questions about how the Living Legacy Project can benefit your family, organization or business, please call us at 888-405-9840 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Living Legacy Project Podcast

Co-founder Tom Cormier explains how you can make a difference in your family and change the course of history.

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