Memories of Ron
Ron and Diane Daly taken in 2014
Grandpa Daly with Matthew Richins and Laskie. Feb 2001. Daly home in San Jose, California.
Grandpa Daly holding up Jacob Richins. 28 April 2002. Richins home in West Jordan, Utah. The occassion for a family gathering was the blessing of baby Clarissa Richins. Matthew Richins sits on the sofa. Grandpa is so strong!
Ron with his Aunt Leah, his mother Donna, and his father Ron Sr. Clarissa Richins is on Donna's lap. Ron Sr. is holding Matthew Richins. July 2002. Richins home in West Jordan, Utah.
Mom and Ron at MTC drop off 11-10-2014 10-33-09 AM

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