Paul & Monalisa, Nash & Elliott Jeffreys
Jeffreys family Christmas 2018
Hugging Daddy
Putting the tree topper on with Daddy's help (2018)
Paul and Nash getting their hair "did"
And the parenting award goes to...
Nash in baby seat (April 2012)
Nash on Paul's chest
First snowfall of 2015
montage of Nash in April of 2012
Savannah's first time holding Nash
Wil's first time holding Nash
Keeping score at the Big 20 (Scarborough, 2013)
Higgins 2013
Nash at Higgins Beach 2013
Lobsta feast Higgins 2013
Date night Higgins 2013
Napping near the rocks at high tide 2013
Nash and Janie
family portrait at the beach 2012
First family portrait April 1, 2012
Bellie in Boots - Blizzard of 2018
Happy Bellie!
Summer hi-jinks
Bellie watching TV (January 2019)
Bellie atop Mt. Trashmore 012619
Paul at Nash's birthday party April 2018
Paul carrying Bellie at Cape Charles 2017
Before children...the "girls" Billie & Janie
Mom & Dad welcoming Elliott
Elliott Beatrice Jeffreys
Big Brother Nash and Baby Elliott
Sugar and spice
Omee and Elliott at Heidi's
Nash swinging at Nana's house
Nash in the NICU
Bellie and Daddy at Brown Dog.
Bellie in the sand (Cape Charles 2018)
Bellie getting ready for surgery on her arm
Bellie at CHKD urgent care when she broke her arm
Bellie's arm surgery day with ML and PJ
Bellie's_broken arm,_day_1
Nash's best pic to date
Paul on seeing Nash on ultrasound
Bellie (summer of 2016)
Bellie (Halloween 2017)
Daddy and Nash eat breakfast at home
Nash at home in the front yard (summer 2016)
Daddy feeding Nashin the NICU
Nash meets Santa for the first time
Bellie's daydreaming!
family selfie
Closing day on the new house!
Memorial Day 2015 lobster
Omee & Bellie walking at Botanical Garden
Paul - Monopoly (Cape Charles 2018)
practicing with Janie
Super Hero (Apr. '15)

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