James and Sara Taylor
James Taylor
Sarah Taylor
Nelda Saunders James Taylor Corn King Farmer Money hidden in stables 15 children
Nelda Saunders James Taylors tombstone 1848 1916
Nelda Saunders Martha Ann Taylor oldest 15 Rogers man Wyley Wagner 2nd marriage divorced beat with stick she poisoned him bachelor neighbor married Nute and Matty Lewis children
Nelda Saunders Mattie Lewis
Nelda Saunders Mattie Maw Lewis smoked corn cobb pipe teeth hurt smoke would ease the pain.
Nelda Saunders this gourd held the eggs and kept under bed to keep cool kids took a coule to creek put in tin can booiled and ate they were for guest and preachers
Lawrence Saunders story about woodstove to put premie baby in box with cotton in stove warmer also 2 room school house coatroom for spanking
Nelda Saunders story of how the piece came to her
Richardsville, KY

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