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Passages: Large families: Thanksgivings. Many years of lots of noise, Lots of family around - conversations solving world's problems - crowded house - seated cheek to cheek around a large table with a "children's" table off to the side. Years pass. Those children who were seated off to one side or maybe privileged to sit a "the adult's table" have matured, married and brought new blood and in-laws into the picture. Now they visit other homes or stay in their own. The "patriarchal/matriarchal" home is no longer crowded. No longer noisy. Quiet contentment tinged with bittersweet memories flit around the room. Life has moved. A door has been stepped through. My parents and their parents before them went through this same door. Thus it was, thus it is, thus it ever shall be.  We shared a quiet Thanksgiving at our daughter and son-in-law's home, along with their son, his wife and our two very young Great-Grandchildren. All other members of our large family were elsewhere. 

PASSAGES . . . . We relish them too because they are part of life, part of God's plan. Anne & I hope all who read this had a blessed Thanksgiving. We have much to be grateful for.
I grew up in Caney KS (Pop. 2500) during WWII. During those years the world was groaning and exulting, like a woman in childbirth: That world had little time to spend nurturing children. We grew like flowers in an untended garden. "The War" consumed everyone's complete attention. As we grew we watched the world we had known die and be replaced by a strange new world. My writers genes caused me to observe and remember those days. Later, they led me to write these stories. They are true.


  • Millard Don Carriker
    Millard Don Carriker Friday, 24 November 2017

    Not a "story," rather a meditation on holidays, aging, and family.

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