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WRITELegacy Stories

Compose and share legacy stories, poems, recipes, wisdom, traditions, and attract fans to your Legacy Story Blog.

CURATELegacy Photos

Organize and preserve your highest priority family photos. Create photo albums and share them in Legacy Slide Shows. 

RECORDPixOral Histories

Record your oral history in pictures with our free IOS or Android mobile app. Organize photo narrations in Oral History Albums.

Legacy Stories Community


Join & CreateGROUPS

Start or join a private or public group to collaborate and share family history or to communicate in a virtual family office. 

Enjoy the Legacy LIBRARY

Contribute, consume and share legacy stories, photos and oral histories in the Legacy Library to enrich and inspire us all.


Learn new legacy building skills. Participate in story contests to keep you engaged in the legacy building process.

Legacy Stories Resources

Legacy Stories



Legacy Stories Handbook

Interactive guide for families, caregivers and family-centric organizations

LEGACY QUESTIONS- Choose from over 230 legacy questions, covering all life stages, milestones, life-defining moments and more. Special sections for wisdom, values and veterans.

LEGACY ASSET CHECKLIST- Curate and tell stories about your special keepsakes, news articles, garments, jewelry, correspondences, diaries, recipes, military items, souvenirs, awards, photos, etc.

LEGACY LETTERS- Write personal messages to loved ones in an ethical will with our legacy letter templates: To my children, What I am most grateful for, etc. 

LEGACY TREE- Document your family history. Our pedigree chart denotes people in your immediate family and two generations past.

LEGACY RESOURCES- List important contacts such as your next-of-kin, trustee, estate planner, financial advisor, life insurance agent, funeral director, faith leader, etc.

LEGACY TALKS- Interview tips and activities to engage family members, a special friend or advisor in the recording process

When you need help with legacy planning, audio/video/photo services, memoirs, and more, search the Legacy Concierge Directory to find a provider.
When you are looking for legacy-building products, books, digitizing equipment, accessories, and more, you’ll find it in the Legacy Shop.

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