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The Living Legacy Project was launched in 2008 with a mission to save the living history of our time before it is lost forever.

To accomplish this mission, the International Association of StoryKeepers (I-ASK) was formed.

I-ASK provides training and support to a global network of independent Certified Legacy Planners and Advisors, who assist families and individuals with passing down a durable legacy portfolio. 

Our Certified Legacy Training was developed by a team of recognized leaders representing key heritage industries: estate planning, wealth managers, caregivers, at home care providers, elder care, hospice, pre-need, funeral, grief management, memory care, as well as experts in the family history, archiving and genealogy sectors.

The synergy of these disparate expertise’s created not only a simple and intuitive process to collect, archive and selectively share life’s lessons and values but also a cascade of ancillary benefits to everyone engaged in this meaningful mission. 

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The market for legacy planning services is severely under-served. The survey below ranks the importance boomers and their parents place on passing down a legacy. 

Despite the perceived importance of passing on a meaningful legacy, only a fraction of these generations have made any provisions to secure a legacy The primary reasons for this are due to the fact that most are unaware of what can and should be done and the inability to find qualified experts to put a legacy plan in place.

This vacuum presents a substantial opportunity to start a legacy consulting business or expand your existing repertoire of services in a meaningful way.

By providing legacy planning services you can generate high perceived-value revenue that enriches your clients, their families and you.


Start by taking a Legacy Resource Inventory. This process opens your client’s eyes to the extent of their legacy content which can include vintage photos, letters, important documents, heirlooms, artifacts, recorded media of important family / life events, etc.

With this inventory list, organizing and prioritizing sessions aid in defining the scope of the project and the subsequent steps to building a meaningful Legacy Portfolio.

Steps may involve digitization of content, recording and documenting the client’s life lessons, values and experiences in addition to archiving aggregated content in LegacyStories.Org cloud secured vaults and on archival DVDs for absolute security from loss.

In addition, you'll help establish successor Legacy trustees to insure the Legacy Portfolio is preserved and built upon.

Legacy products can be produced from the client's newly digitized content such as: Pict-Oral Memoirs ™, photo books, slideshows, video tributes, etc., all revenue opportunities that are detailed in the certification training.


Aside from word-of-mouth advertising, nothing compares with the effectiveness of cause marketing.

By promoting a cause rather than a product, opportunities arise to speak to groups and organizations that might otherwise not have been offered.  

The Living Legacy Project is a cause that can touch the heart of every family in your community. We have produced a series of compelling videos for public education and raising awareness to both the value and the need to preserve this endangered experiential treasure.

Our program resources provide an entire library of presentation videos. The video below is one such sample that sets up the opportunity for you to help preserve and pass down valuable keepsakes and heirlooms as part of a comprehensive legacy portfolio.   


Training is self-paced and delivered online with a personable approach. To deliver our legacy plans you will need an Apple or Android smart phone or tablet and also a computer with internet access.

The training is divided into two course modules, Certified Legacy Advisor and Certified Legacy Planner. Average time to complete the training is about 10-12 hours depending on your familiarity with internet navigation and basic digital technology.

Upon completion of the training, you will be immediately prepared to market and sell legacy services in you community.

Certified Legacy Advisors use cause-marketing to deliver powerful legacy education seminars and presentations to attract new clients and reconnect with existing clients in a meaningful way. Advisors make money on consulting and referral fees and sales of innovative legacy products.


Certified Legacy Planners work with clients to implement a full legacy plan, one that requires regularly scheduled billable meetings over the course of months and even years.


Our optional support program offers a plethora of resources and business building opportunities including: 

  • Listing in the LegacyStories.org Expert Directory- As the premiere legacy building community, LegacyStories.org's members actively participate in the legacy building process for themselves and for loved ones. We teach legacy building techniques to members and regularly steer them to seek experts from the directory.

  • Access to Legacy Labs- Take advantage of live and recorded business-building webinars that teach innovative and proven techniques to market your Legacy Planning services.

  • Opportunities Webinars- Be the first to take advantage of new client-acquisition opportunities brought to you as a result of our relationships in a variety of key industries.

    Mentor Center Webinars- Inviting your clients and families to attend our exclusive live legacy-builder webinars keeps you in touch and allows us to recommend contacting you for help.

  • Networking and Referrals- Get to know and share ideas and referrals with other local and national Legacy Advisors and Planners.

  • Licensed Promotional Collateral and Videos- Access our exclusive sales videos to help build your clientele and secure your existing clients for the long term. 

  • Legacy Product Sales- In addition to charging consulting fees, you'll have a full suite of legacy products to add to your exiting repertoire. 





$200 Discount (Net cost $499)

Free Support Package for 30 days


We are so confident in our training and the results it will yield for you that we offer this value proposition: If after completing our certified training you don't agree that the information and opportunities alone are worth at least twice the cost of your investment, we will refund all of your money, no questions asked.

From that point forward every billable hour and every legacy product sale can be considered found money, a gift that keeps on giving, more than monetarily. 

In a few days you can be introducing your new legacy services to friends, family colleagues and your social network.

In a few weeks you can be recognized as a community leader in the emerging legacy movement, taking advantage of all the free publicity that comes with it, and attracting highly valued clients in a whole new way.

In a few billable hours your training investment can be repaid and generating profit and family loyalty for life.  


To start your training today or for more information please send a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 423-295-5904 (M-F 9-5 EST). Please include your name, direct phone number and best time(s) to call.  

As an authorized member benefits provider to the nation's largest and most prestigious estate and wealth planning organization, we can now offer Certified Legacy Advisors and Planners an opportunity to service 25,000 NAEPC members and their clients.


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