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Start or Grow a Successful Family History Business

Do you love the idea of helping people capture and pass down their life stories? Not just any stories, but "legacy stories", the ones that can enrich the lives of loved ones and secure an honored place in family history? 


If so, you should consider turning your passion into income with a full or part-time legacy consulting practice.

Today's technology allows us to record and preserve life stories in ways past generations could never. And now, you can take full advantage of this technology, and the experience of legacy experts from around the globe, to get your profitable legacy consulting business going full speed ahead. 


Our Legacy Stories Marketing System is designed to give you a giant leap forward with all the training, resources and support you will need to find paying customers and put them on an affordable Legacy Plan that keeps them paying you month after month. 


Best of all, we help you market your services to the target audience you like best.

The Market for Legacy Services Is About to Explode...... with Pent-Up Demand

A recent survey shows that fully 77% of Boomers and 77% of Elders have strong desires to pass along their legacy stories to their descendants. 



Despite the perceived importance of passing on a meaningful legacy, only a small fraction of these generations has made any provisions to record and preserve their legacy stories. 


The primary reasons for this are due to the fact that most are unaware of what can and should be done and the inability to find qualified experts.


This vacuum presents a substantial opportunity for you, as a legacy consultant, with the knowledge and resources to teach people how to turn their legacy assets into legacy stories, and to get paid well for your expert advice and services. 

Our Mission is Your Opportunity

In 2008, Co-founders, Tom Cormier and Dennis Stack launched the LIVING LEGACY PROJECT, with a mission to rescue the living history of our time before it is lost forever.

To accomplish this mission, LegacyStories.org and the International Association of StoryKeepers (I-ASK) was formed.


As such, we’re all about efficient STORY COLLECTION AND PRESERVATION– the enriching process of helping people identify their highest priority "legacy stories" and telling them in a way that will be eagerly embraced by loved ones of all ages.


In just a few short hours, we will teach you our proven story collection methods and techniques, plus some eye-opening legacy presentations that will amaze your clients. 


Our The Legacy Stories Marketing System was developed by a team of recognized leaders representing key synergistic industries: estate planning, wealth managers, caregivers, at-home care providers, elder care, hospice, pre-need, funeral, grief management, memory care… as well as experts in the family history, archiving, and genealogy sectors.

We Thought Of Everything So You Don't Have To

You'll be surprised how quickly and easily it is to learn. Our training is delivered in a fun and enjoyable way so that any responsible adult can learn to be a legacy consultant, regardless of educational background. All you need is the commitment to succeed!


The Legacy Stories Marketing System provides a full array of marketing resources. For equipment, all you'll need to be successful is access to an Apple or Android smart phone or tablet and computer with internet.

Our story collection methods were developed after 5 years of field research – having trained 5,000+ hospice volunteers to record life reviews, which is when legacy stories matter most.


In addition to organizing and recording your clients' highest priority stories, you’ll be helping them build their legacy portfolio in the LegacyStories.org family history library, and get paid for this valuable service.


And with our ever-growing connections in key industries, you'll be exposed to client acquisition opportunities that would otherwise not be possible for a “solopreneur” legacy provider.

In Only a Few Short Hours You'll learn....

  • - How to conduct a discovery interview to help people realize the volume of legacy assets (photos, letters, tapes, stories, etc) they have in their possession. 
  • - How to offer an easy-to-mentor legacy plan that generates recurring revenue.
  • - How to help clients methodically prioritize their memories and excavate only those that can help build a cohesive life story
  • - How to record Pict-Oral Memoriestm, oral history narrations describing vintage family photos
  • - How to bill and collect easily, without stress
  • - How to use our cause marketing videos to make legacy education and awareness presentations to key business and community groups
  • - How to enable referral sources so they can offer legacy services to their constituents and look to you for suppport, i.e., funeral homes, hospice, nursing, memory care, asisted living, home care, independent living, caregivers, estate planners, etc. 
  • - How to establish a social connection with clients, families and friends in the context of legacy planning
  • - How to earn referral fees by building a trusted professional legacy vendor network in your community
  • - How to connect with other legacy consulting colleagues who and can provide real time feedback from the field 

And, we'll teach you how to get paid the highest rate for your legacy consulting services (up to $120/hr, depending on your location.)

All The Tools and Resources To Succeed

You'll be provided with a plethora of valuable resources including, but not limited to:

  • Downloadable documents and forms
  • Legacy Letter templates
  • Presentation videos
  • Legacy Advocate Program (passive revenue stream)
  • Marketing Collateral

After only a few hours of online training, you will receive a CERTIFICATE OF TRAINING, suitable for framing. This gives you the ability to add Certified Legacy Planner (CLP) to the end of your signature. More importantly, you'll be completely prepared to market and offer legacy planning services to new or existing clients. 


You'll also have all the skills and knowledge needed to coach people and organizations, empowering them with their own legacy programs and sending referrals to you. Talk about an immediate raise in your personal stock!

You'll Never Be Alone! Here's Why!

You won't be alone because you'll be supported in so many ways starting with live chat and phone support. When questions arise, you can use our live chat fueature on the LegacyStories.org website to get answers. Or, schedule your free 30-minute phone call with one of our mentors, included with your package.


Meet your colleagues and participate in real time interactions on our live webinars. You'll be among the the first to take advantage of new client-acquisition opportunities as we develop strategic relationships in a variety of key industries. You'll also learn about new programs, collateral and marketing strategies, as they are developed.


Wait until you see some of the business-buIlding content you'll be receiving in our email news feeds. This is an email you will open EVERY time.


To help promote your business even more, you'll be added to our EXPERT DIRECTORY. As the premiere living history library, LegacyStories.org's members actively participate in the legacy building process, and we regularly encourage them to them to seek expert consultation from the directory.

Here's What People Are Saying

"I have so enjoyed working through your training modules and am eager to incorporate what I have learned into my fledgling personal history business." Jill Miller


"This marketing system is so valuable and presented very well." CJ Madigan


"This is fabulous! It opens up incredible opportunities I never would've found on my own. Bravo!" Margaret Garone


"It’s really great stuff, just like you said. Very thorough and deep. I’m glad I signed up!  More to come…" Bob Karstens

100% Money Back Guranatee!

We are so confident in our marketing system and the results it will yield for you, that we offer this guranantee: 


If, after completing our training, you don't agree that the expertise and opportunities you've acquired are worth at least FIVE TIMES  your initial investment, we will refund all of that money back to you, no questions asked. So, what are you waiting for?

Limited Time Offer! Get Started Right Now!

Timing is everything and yours is perfect because the Legacy Stories Marketing System is being offered at a 50% discount for a limited time. The rates below have been adjusted to reflect the discount. Seize the moment and own your market before others do.


FOR QUESTIONS, PLEASE CALL 423-295-5904 (Mon-Sat 8am-8pm eastern) OR EMAIL US AT This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


License Purchase Options

(The payment options below are for purchase of a non-exclusive single-user license. Each license is granted to an individual or business entity and includes access to, and use of all, training, resources and collateral related to the Legacy Stories Marketing System, for as long as payments are maintained.)



$95 Set-up Fee



No Set-up Fee

Save $140

Thank you so much for your interest in building legacies for the people who need help the most. By pursuing your personal aspirations, together, we can save the living history of our time.

Please join us now. I promise your life will be enriched in more ways than you can imagine.

Tom Cormier, Co-Founder, Legacy Stories





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